Heir to the Empire

Chapter 2

The Story So Far 

Beyond the continually expanding borders of the New Republic, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pallaeon are gathering strength as Thrawn pieces together his master plan to utterly destroy what he still views as "the Rebellion". 

Chapter 2

The introduction of our scattered trio some months after the first chapter:

On Coruscant, Luke is farewelled by an ostensibly distracted Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke is feeling depressed by the enormity of representing the mythological Jedi and rebuilding the Order on his own. 

Leia has begun her Jedi training but is also buried under political responsibility. We are introduced to her aide, Winter, who has an eidetic memory. 

Han and Chewie are on Tatooine trying to recruit smugglers to fulfil the logistical requirements of the New Republic. They're also accompanied by Wedge Antilles and a new character Page, who is described as completely unremarkable. 


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