The Guides


For as long as he can remember, Tim has been a fan of Star Wars. As a kid he fought many lightsaber battles with his friends, and poured countless hours into Knights of the Old Republic 2. 

Today Tim installs his own custom lightsabers (though his battles are few and far between), and is somehow still finding new things to discover in KOTOR 2.


Kyle only recently got really into Star Wars. Most of his experience was through the lego games when he was younger. 

Recently he got into the fandom and started eating up content left and right, burning through the new canon books. He is eager to absorb the legends content, discuss it with friends, and hopefully serve up some hot takes.


Scott has loved all things science fiction since he can remember. He was born the same year Return of the Jedi was released but hadn’t seen a Star Wars film until he was about 10 or so and then shortly after that he was introduced to Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and more SW games. 

Since then he’s been in love with the lore of the Force, lightsabers, and the Wild West-like scrappiness that Star Wars offers. 

These days he can be found playing and reading the lore of Destiny 2, binge watching The Venture Bros, making abstract painting artwork, building lightsabers and other props under the name Shadewalker.

That is, when he’s not wrangling his 3 young kids.   


Stuart was introduced very early to Star Wars by his grandparents, but didn’t branch out into the EU until he discovered the Knights of the Old Republic RPGs in high school. Since then, he’s become an avid consumer of comics, games, and novels. 

Inspired by Star Wars to become more aware of other cultures and languages, Stuart now lives in Japan following his own martial arts journey. 

He is almost imperceptibly slow at creating all manor of art under the name Eutrophic and Far Far Away Portraits.