Heir to the Empire

Chapter 9

The Story So Far

Grand Admiral Thrawn has allied himself with a Dark Jedi by promising to deliver Luke Skywalker and the pregnant Leia Organa Solo. Master Joruus C’baoth shows to be an impatient man as the first kidnapping attempt is foiled by Skywalker’s warrior prowess. 

Despite the New Republic needing to raise its diplomatic image, logistically it’s easier said than done while they are still at war with the Imperial Remnants. Leia is torn between her diplomatic duties and Jedi training, while Luke is stuck between being the last of the Old Jedi and the first of the New.

Chapter 9

The Imperials conduct three concurrent hit-and-fade operations in the Suis Sector. While Grand Admiral Thrawn plays his cards close to his chest, Captain Pellaeon deduces that the exercise is as much to test Master C’Baoth’s mettle as to enforce the chain of command. Pellaeon is more than a little shaken at the display of power from C’Baoth. 

Meanwhile, the raid on Bpfassh has been observed by smugglers Talon Karrde and Marra Jade at a safe distance, Karrde seemingly having foreknowledge about the operation. To Jade’s chagrin, Karrde calls off his smuggling run, citing the New Republic's imminent relief effort as a situation they wish not be entangled in. 

The chapter closes with news of the raids reaching Coruscant while Leia is engaged in her new lightsaber lessons. Luke laments that, while the skills come easily to himself, he may not be the teacher that she needs. 


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