Heir to the Empire

Chapter 15

The Story So Far

Last and first of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker lacks the confidence to be the teacher needed to rebuild the Jedi Order. He struggles to impart what little he feels he knows to his first student, his sister Leia Organa Solo. After turning to Dagobah hoping to find instruction, he leaves with a starship remote from a dark Jedi possibly slain by Master Yoda. 

All the while, Leia and Luke are on the run to evade the capture of a mysterious Imperial commander. They have little intel but suspect a leak in the New Republic capital. They've run to Lando Calrissian on Nklon, but we're again caught in a confrontation. They decide to send Leia to Kashyyyk with Chewbacca while Han Solo and Lando broadcast decoy signals giving the illusion that Leia is still on the run.

During the space battle over Nklon, Luke's mind is touched by another Jedi, beckoning him to meet on Jomark. This Jedi, however, is a dark Jedi clone, Joruus C'Baoth, and is indirectly responsible for the many ambushes they are trying to escape. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the mastermind leading the Imperial remnants from the shadows. He recruited C'Baoth and has promised the Skywalkers in exchange for his allegiance. 

Lastly, Talon Karrde is a Smuggling Lord with a new apprentice, the enigmatic Mara Jade. While new to his organisation, she shows great promise. And he is determined to crack her mysterious veil. 

Chapter 15

After parting ways with Luke, and Leia and Chewbacca, Han and Lando discuss what their next move is. Lando suggests they find Talon Karrde, hoping to set a precedent for future dealings.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, they were surveilled by the Imperials.  From the merger clues, Thrawn was quickly able to devise the personnel and heading of each ship. Soon they will lay a trap for Luke as he follows C'Baoth's beckon.


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