Heir to the Empire

Chapter 27

The Story So Far

The New Republic is in the painful process of transitioning from a military power to a political one. However, the continuing threat of the Imperial Remnants have come under the command of a new, unknown and prestigious commander, Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Admiral’s plot to overthrow the New Republic and reestablish the Galactic Empire involves kidnapping the New Republic’s Force-sensitive heroes, pregnant Leia Organa Solo and Luke Skywalker, in order to negotiate the allegiance of Dark Jedi clone, Joruus C’baoth.

On Kashyyyk, Leia and Chewbacca thwart another abduction and, during the interrogation of a captured Noghri operative, Leia is identified by Khabarakh as the heir of Darth Vader, whom the Noghri people revere. Despite Salporin — Chewbacca’s childhood friend — having died in the attempted abduction, Leia grants clemency in the hopes of being granted a solo parley on the Noghri homeworld.

On Myrkr, Luke is at the mercy of the unforgiving wilderness and animus Mara Jade, as she marches him at blasterpoint back to civilization. Reaching a breaking point, Jade reveals that she was an operative subordinate to the Emperor himself: the Emperor’s Hand. Blaming Luke for the despoliation of the Emperor and all that buttressed her existence, she begrudges the charity that he shows her in spite of all her animosity.

Chapter 27

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pelleaon are entering active preparation for the raid on Sluis Van. The Imperial Remnants have stretched their resources to implement the prototype shield technology they recovered from the Emperor’s storehouse on Wayland, and now is the final test.

Thrawn is pleased with the outcome of both their preparations and the prototype test, and greenlights the Sluissi operation. Pellaeon raises objections to Thrawn’s self-assurance, but has his points thoroughly rebuked by the Admiral. The operation will go ahead as planned without the involvement of C’baoth.

On Coruscant, the political climate is reaching a boiling point, with support waning from the bureaucratic Admiral Akbar in favour of the sentient-of-the-people Fey'lya. Wedge grimly accepts his marching orders to fly escort for a shipment bound for Bpfassh via Sluis Van.


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