Heir to the Empire

Chapter 32

The Story So Far

It is the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War. The New Republic and Imperial Remnants struggle for stability. 

On Kashyyyk, Leia Organa Solo and Chewbacca uncover the identity of the aliens responsible for their many attempted abductions, and head back to Coruscant with a promise of parley over the Forest Moon of Endor.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pellaeon had prepared an assault on the Sluis Van Shipyards, presently a hive for repurposed warships that are filling the logistical demands of the burgeoning New Republic. Using prototype cloaking technology, a freighter positions itself among the skeleton-crewed warships to unload a swarm of mole miners and TIE fighters, intended to board and hijack them.

Wedge Antilles is already running escort to one such freighter Larkhess, and engages the threat forthwith. The Millenium Falcon, having just arrived from Myrkr, also engages the swarm of TIE fighters. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker identify the mole miners as the ones stolen from Lando Calrissian’s mining operation on Nkllon. Injured though he is, Lando uses his override codes to disable the hijacked warships, though in the process leaving them all but destroyed.

Thrawn graciously admits defeat to Pellaeon, edifying him on the importance of keeping the long game in mind.

Chapter 32

Lando’s override of the mole miners has brought a quick end to the assault. However with capital ship support withdrawn, the remaining Imperial forces prove obstinate; with many space troopers willing to act as suicide bombers rather than assent to the call for surrender.

The captain of the Larkhess voices the bleak outcome of the battle: this many decapitated warships is going to be hard to spin as a victory. 

Han receives a call from Leia: Akbar has been arrested for treason. Han will head immediately to Coruscant, with Luke just a few hours behind as soon as his X-Wing is able.



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