Heir to the Empire

Chapter 7

The Story So Far

The New Republic and what is left of the Imperial Forces are at a turning point in their struggle for galactic control. While both sides are struggling economically, the New Republic is having trouble establishing itself politically, and the Imperial Remnants are hunting for opportunities to turn the tide. 

Captain Pallaeon accompanies Grand Admiral Thrawn, the last surviving Warlord appointed by Emperor Palpatine, to a storehouse of technology they hope will aid their war effort. Along with new cloaking shield technology, they ally themselves with a Dark Jedi clone, Joruus C’Baoth, promising him Leia Organa Solo’s unborn twins. 

During the course of their diplomatic mission and while separated from Luke Skywalker, Leia and Han Solo fall prey to an ambush in the bustling markets of Bimmisaari. 

Chapter 7

Luke frees himself from an ambush in the Bim Tower and races to rescue Leia and Han in the marketplace. Safely aboard the Millennium Falcon, Han makes the jump to lightspeed. 

It seems that one of the Bims was paid off to lead the protagonists into the trap but have no other information about their assailants. Leia wants to resume negotiations, but Han first wants to rendezvous with tactical support before returning. 

After pressure from Luke and Han, Leia agrees that she needs to start lightsaber training sooner than later. 


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