Heir to the Empire

Chapter 8

The Story So Far

The New Republic and Imperial Remnants are struggling for control of the galaxy, each holding comparable military might and galactic territory. Looking to reverse the tide, the last of the Imperial Grand Admirals has found and bargained for the favour of a cloned Dark Jedi, offering up both the adult and unborn Skywalkers twins. 

A trap for the Skywalkers was laid and sprung during a diplomatic mission for the Republic to Bimmisaari. However, the unidentified alien commandos were unprepared to face Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. Luke, Leia, and Han escape unscathed but the nature of their assailants are a mystery to them.

Chapter 8

Captain Pellaeon reports to Grand Admiral Thrawn, detailing the failure of the Noghri to capture the Skywalkers and the recovery of the tech found on Wayland. Dark Jedi Master C'baoth expresses his impatience and a new plan is hatched to capture the Skywalkers; one that suits Thrawn's upcoming plans that necessitate C'baoth presence for a raid on the Sluis Van shipyard. 

Meanwhile, back on Coruscant, the New Republic are unable to identify the assailants at Bimmisaari, and as a result politics stall. While Leia Organa Solo is set to return to Bimmisaari to resume negotiations, she requests more space in her schedule to advance her Jedi studies, but finds no support within the Council, citing her expertise as indispensable.


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