Heir to the Empire

Chapter 12

The Story So Far

After two foiled kidnappings on diplomatic missions, Leia Organa-Solo and Han Solo suspect a leak inside the New Republic government. They head to the Athega system to find Lando to get his help outside New Republic jurisdiction. 

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker has been training Leia to be the first of the new generation of Jedi while struggling with self-doubt as the teacher needed to rebuild the Order. On a hunch he travels to Dagobah, hoping to find something left behind by Master Yoda. Ultimately disappointed, Luke recovers a nondescript gadget from the Dark Side Cave, but suspects Lando can help with deciphering the script written on the side. 

Meanwhile, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s schemes are coming to a head as he has allied himself with Master Joruus C’baoth, clone and Dark Jedi. Captain Pellaeon devises a plan to disseminate information that might lure Luke to C’baoth instead of sending more noghri to capture him. 

Finally, Mara Jade has apprenticed to the smuggler Talon Karrde as they play cat-and-mouse to tease information out of each other.

Chapter 12

The Millennium Falcon arrives in the Athega system with Han and Leia looking to meet with Lando. Luke arrives at just the right time for them to take the slow sublight trip to the inter system since neither the Falcon nor Luke's X-Wing have slave circuits needed to precisely co-ordinate inbound ships with their shielding escort. 

Once at Nkllon, though, the Empire shows up suddenly. Bad timing or are they being tracked?


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