Heir to the Empire

Chapter 13

The Story So Far

While looking for hints on Dagobah on how best to train the next generation of Jedi, Luke Skywalker finds a strange device in the Dark Side Cave outside Yoda’s hut. This hint points him to Lando Calrissian and his path converges with Leia Organa-Solo and Han Solo as they head to the Athega system. After two foiled kidnappings on separate diplomatic missions, the couple are looking to get help outside New Republic jurisdiction. 

Meanwhile, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s schemes are coming to a head as he has allied himself with Master Joruus C’baoth, clone and Dark Jedi. Captain Pelleaon devises a plan to disseminate information that might lure Luke to C’baoth instead of sending more noghri to capture him. 

All paths converge over Nkllon just as Luke and the Millenium Falcon arrive. Leaving us in the suspense as the space battle commences. 

Chapter 13

Luke and the Falcon engage in a dogfight over Nkllon, during which Luke’s mind is touched by another Jedi, commanding Luke to seek him out. Despite losing time during the contact, Luke and the Falcon chase off the Imperial raid. 

Our point of view then switches to Thrawn and Pellaeon reflecting on the aftermath. Thrawn’s satisfaction at the successful acquisition of 51 mole miners is overshadowed by C’baoth’s declaration of making contact with Luke. The Jedi Master insists that it is time for his own trap to be laid, leaving Pellaeon and Thrawn to scheme on the disillusionment of C’baoth’s self-importance. 


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