Heir to the Empire

Chapter 14

The Story So Far

Grand Admiral Thrawn is leading the Imperial remnants from the shadows in a grand plan to destroy the New Republic and re-establish the Galactic Empire. He commands a raid on the Athega System just as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa-Solo, Han Solo, and Chewbacca arrive looking to garner help from Lando Calrissian. During the skirmish, the imperials make away with mining equipment and the Dark Jedi clone commanding Thrawn’s fleet, Jaruus C’baoth, takes the opportunity to make contact with Luke. 

Thrawn is none too pleased to learn of this contact and plots with Captain Pellaeon to disillusion C’baoth of his self-importance and impetuousness. 

Chapter 14

Lando is distraught at the loss of half his workforce — 51 mole miners stolen — in the raid! Han and Leia ask for help, and a plan is devised to send Leia to Kashyyyk with Chewbacca while Han and Lando broadcast decoy signals giving the illusion that Leia is still on the run. In order to achieve this, in a violation of his programming, C-3PO has his voice altered to perfectly imitate Leia’s. 

Luke shares his findings from Dagobah; what Lando identifies as a Beckon Call — a device that summons a slave-ciruit-rigged ship at a moment's notice. He later confides in Leia his true reason for searching that specific location and tells her about the contact he had during the space battle earlier. She divulges the rumour of a Master C’baoth on Jormark, and while they suspect a trap, Luke is eager at what the opportunity could mean. 


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